the story


Three guys, born only months apart, met in school in Michigan in their early teens and formed a band. They named it Everslacking. A few additional members came and went and sometime, by 1999 (not without a few breaks where original members played in other bands), Everslacking evolved into the power trio GUTBUCKET BLUES BAND with Dave Kellan on electric guitar, Jake Krull on bass guitar and Brett Mitchell on drums.  GUTBUCKET  BLUES BAND quickly rose to regional fame and in 1999 recorded its first original album of the same name, which met with critical acclaim. (In 2011, GB recorded a live album version of some of the songs from the first album, adding a few new original tunes written by Dave.) Opening for Joe Bonamassa in their early twenties,  Dave, Jake and Brett were obviously destined for bigger things.

Fast forward 20 years, GUTBUCKET is still a Midwestern fan favorite, though Dave now hails from NYC area, Jake from Grand Rapids, MI area and Brett from a little village in Northern Michigan.  All award winning musicians, songwriters and full time performers, they have indeed found tremendous success in projects of their own, but when GB reunites it's as if no time has passed.  GUTBUCKET's blues rock style is riveting and the musicianship, stellar, but the brotherhood within the band that exists from playing together since age 14, allows them to intuitively know where each other is going in the music and that's why the magic happens at every show!

You know what to do.